thanks for being here.
I am Arturo Baston, a Mexican self-taught videocreator based in Barcelona.

I've worked on several audiovisual formats (from feature films to disgusting ads) but in making music videos I've found as much freedom and fun as I could never even imagined working on any other format, so I adopted the BASS-TONE moniker and stayed here.

I try to mix and manipulate genres, styles, sources, concepts, and aesthetics to create something new and unique, and yet haunting and beautiful, if everything goes well.

Although my videos are purely digital, they are formally inspired by the creative processes of filmmakers like Bruce Conner and Craig Baldwin, two artists whom I've followed and admired since ages.

If you make music and think our styles could match, please do not hesitate and drop me a line.
If you are not a musician but just want to say hello, please do the same.