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GABINETE DE CRISIS, "Un Programa de Televisión que no verá en Televisión", was a visceral and fully anarchic program of serious humor, fruit of the repeated censorship imposed by BTV (the television station to which the program was proposed in 2001).

This GABINETE DE CRISIS little "revolution" was never televised and thus became an apocryphal program, a completely free television program, for which the least suitable medium was precisely the television medium itself.

Hence, the creators decided to show it anywhere except on a television channel.

GABINETE DE CRISIS received special mention at the ''FESTIVAL ZEMOS98'' of 2002 and was the winner of the ''1st ANIMALARIO FESTIVAL'' of Seville in 2007. 

It is now considered a cult program by many.

Here, a countdown of the 6 chapters of GABINETE DE CRISIS: they were made slowly -- with many breaks and most of the time under the influence -- over a period of 6 years (average of one per year, to be clear).

All chapters of CABINETE DE CRISIS were written, directed, produced and edited by Félix Pérez-Hita, Kikol Grau and Arturo Bastón.