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I was born in México City, where through non-academic ways and with heterodox means I studied photography, motion graphics, 3D animation and cinema.

I started my audiovisual professional activities working with the production and art departments of advertisement production houses.

Later I got involved in the art departments of some feature films, most notably ‘HIGHWAY PATROLMAN’ by ALEX COX, and ‘BEAT’ by GARY WALCOW.

Following my back then girlfriend I moved to Barcelona, where I met CARLES PADRISSA (founding member of 'LA FURA DELS BAUS') and FRANC ALEU (URANO FILMS), with whom I worked on the creation of interactive video-models for the conception of the first operas of 'LA FURA'. This collaboration led me to MANUEL HUERGA, who enlisted me among the working team of his television project BTV (BARCELONA TELEVISIÓ), a local avant-garde tv channel that broke new ground in the world of television.

There I performed graphics and editing functions for 6 years, as well as the realization of some T.V. programs.

At that time, together with KIKOL GRAU, FÉLIX PÉREZ-HITA and ANDRÉS HISPANO, we created the ‘GABINETE DE CRISIS, UN PROGRAMA DE TELEVISIÓN QUE NO VERÁ EN TELEVISIÓN’ (’A TELEVISION PROGRAM YOU WON'T SEE ON TELEVISION'), that got a special mention in the "Festival Zemos98" and was the winner of the "1st animalario  festival" (Seville, 2007).

After that, I began my activity as a freelance editor and acquired my beloved addiction to creating music videos for bands around the globe.