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Hi, thanks for being here!
My name is Arturo Baston.

I was born in México City, where through non-academic ways and with heterodox means I studied photography, motion graphics, 3D animation and cinema.

I started my professional activities working at the art departments of some feature films, most notably ‘HIGHWAY PATROLMAN’ by ALEX COX, and ‘BEAT’ by GARY WALCOW.

Following a youth girlfriend I moved to Barcelona, where I met LA FURA DELS BAUS, a performance art group with whom I worked for a few years creating interactive video-models for their shows.   This collaboration led me to work at BTV (BARCELONA TELEVISIÓ), an avant-garde tv channel that, at that time, broke new ground in the world of television.
I stayed there for some other years.  It was real fun.

After that, I began my current activity as a freelance editor and later acquired my beloved addiction to creating music videos for bands around the world.

For inquiries, commissions or any other concern,
please feel free to CONTACT me.